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A few years ago, I was relaxing with some friends on a late summer afternoon. Just as I was about to light up one of my favorite cigars, my good friend handed me what appeared to be an old style microphone. I pushed the button and suddenly the element glowed fiery red like the setting sun. In seconds, my cigar was lit and smoking in all its glory. Fascinated by this electric lighter I asked my friend, a long time antiquarian, about its history...

He said, "The 1920's and 30's witnessed a revival of American ingenuity and craftmanship that resulted in electric lighters that not only looked like art but also out performed the flame lighter in its ease and reliability. They were much in demand and a wide array of decorative and unique styles were created. Many of these electric lighters were considered luxury items and were found in fashionable homes and public places everywhere."

Since that afternoon, I have collected over one hundred different styles of these early electric lighters which are proudly displayed in my home. And having so enjoyed lighting my cigars with these vintage beauties, I wanted to make them available to you.

After working with top craftsmen and engineers, I am able to bring you, the CANDESSA, a lighter reminiscent in style and beauty to the ones of the 1920's and 30's, but with all the advancements of modern technology. The CANDESSA exceeds today's tough industry standards and is built for exceptional performance and reliability.

My sincere hope for everyone is to embrace the good life, enjoy a fine cigar and experience the quality, performance and sophistication of the CANDESSA LIGHTERS. Because even after your cigar is finished and your friends have left... the CANDESSA LIGHTER enhances your home with "The Art of the Light."

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